WS.0: Management & Coordination

Duration: 24 months Activities

Activity 1: Development of a work plan consolidating tasks with timetable for the whole project

Activity 2: Day-by-day coordination of the project (communication with partners and with EC officer(s) on behalf of the partners and reporting to EC with the contribution of project's partners)

Activity 3: Organization and coordination of one 3-day kick-off and three 3-day managerial meetings and participation in the 1-day Kick-off Seminar of Daphne III

Activity 4: Development of project's progress monitoring tools and implementing progress evaluation through project's life

Activity 5: Financial administration of the project and reporting to the EC

Activity 6: External evaluation Outputs

1. 1-day Kick off seminar

2. 3-day Kick off meeting

3. 1st 2-day MM

4. 2nd 2-day MM

5. 3rd 2-day MM

6. Implementation of progress monitoring

7. Evaluation of the project's deliverables throughout the project's life Deliverables

     • Work plan (see Activity 1)

     • Final technical narrative implementation report (see Activity 2)

     • Meetings documentation (see Activity 3)

     • Progress monitoring methodology, tools & reports (see Activity 4)

     • Final financial statements (see Activity 5)

     • Final External Evaluation Report