WS.5: Coordinated Response to CAN via MDS

A Policy & Procedures Manual for establishing National CAN-MDS Surveillance Systems & Project's Products Dissemination Objectives
To develop a comprehensive dissemination plan and implement projects' outputs dissemination
To create a policy manual for promoting the development and maintenance of CAN-MDS in EU Countries Duration
24 months Activities
Activity 1: Development of project's dissemination plan (including activities to be implemented in the context of the project and activities for further dissemination in national level after the end of the project)
Activity 2: Project's Website
Activity 3: Implementation of dissemination activities according to the dissemination plan
Activity 4: Development of an 16-page informational leaflet (EN, BG, BE, DE, GR, FR, IT, RO) about CAN-MDS addressing professionals/potential users of the CAN-MDS Toolkit
Activity 5: To draft the structure of a policy and procedures manual (vision, mission, stakeholders, country profiles/needs assessment etc.) that will be accompanied by the CAN-MDS Toolkit
Activity 6: To draft the policy and procedures manual (EN) addressing mainly policy makers but also professionals in the field of child protection and social welfare that will aim to promote the development of national CAN-MDS Surveillance Systems in EU countries, particularly those participating in the project
Activity 7: To translate the policy and procedures manual into partners' official languages (BG, BE, DE, GR, FR, IT, RO)
Activity 8: Organizing national conferences for presentation of the policy manual and lobbying towards the adoption of CAN-MDS

1. Implementation of dissemination activities (Activity 3)
2. 7 National conferences (~150 participants) for presentation of the Policy Manual and National CAN-MDS Toolkit (Activity 8)

1. Dissemination plan (Activity 1)
2. Informational leaflet about CAN-MDS (Activity 4) (English, Flemish/Dutch, Bulgarian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian)
3. Dissemination documentation according to the dissemination plan (Activity 3)
4. Programs & posters of National Conferences on CAN-MDS (Activity 8)

CAN-MDS Bulgarian Conference Programme page 1 page 2, Poster 

CAN-MDS French Conference Programme EN FR - Further information

CAN-MDS Greek Conference - Programme, Poster

CAN-MDS Italian Conference - Programme

CAN-MDS Romanian Conference - ProgrammePoster

5. Project's Website (Activity 2)
6. Policy and procedures manual (Activity 6) (English)
7. 7 National Policy and Procedures manuals (Activity 7) (Flemish/Dutch, Bulgarian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian)