• Development of the methodology for defining a minimum data set on child abuse and neglect (CAN-MDS)

• Mapping of national child protection related services, case-based follow up & CAN monitoring mechanisms

• Development of a CAN-MDS Toolkit (protocol, tools, Guide for professionals including a special session on Ethical issues) and Evaluation of its quality

• Formation of national core groups of professionals-potential operators of CAN-MDS

• Building the capacity of professionals working in child protection and CAN prevention related services for collecting & sharing CAN-MDS via a short-training course conducted by trained facilitators and Evaluation of trainings' effectiveness

• Creation of a Policy and Procedures Manual addressing policy makers and other related stakeholders towards the establishment of national CAN-MDS and adaptation of the Manual according to country specifics

• Conduction of a variety of dissemination and lobbying activities for the adoption of CAN-MDS in participating countries