The partnership

All Organizations & Experts who intend to participate in this project are experienced in issues related to CAN administration & monitoring

Coordinating Organization   

  • ICH-MHSW [EL] has implemented CAN prevention programs, professionals' training, bringing together research & social policy cooperating with Ministries to adopt institutional measures


  • Mr P Durning [FR], Professor of Education Sciences at the Paris X Nanterre Univ., has worked for the Public Health Ministry, concentrating on the Law on child abuse (7/1989)
  • Ms J Gray [UK] has over 30 years experience in CAN practice & policy development & its evaluation, commissioning research including of comparative international studies, in developing the ChildonEurope data collection guidelines & leading an international group on child protection data collection


  • Kind & Gezin [BE] works actively in Public Health, Welfare & Family policy area, focusing on preventive treatment & guidance of young children geared to good future outcomes
  • Dpt. of Medical-Social Sciences, SWU [BG] has experience in training professionals, research & policy development for children at risk, cooperating with Ministries & Child Protection Agencies
  • Dpt. of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Ulm Univ. [DE]  focuses research on prevention & mental health interventions for CAN victims, funded by the Ministry of Education & Research & is on the advisory board of the Ministry of Family & Youth Affairs
  • ONED [FR] aims to develop knowldedge, analyse best practices & support stakeholders in the field of child protection
  • IDI [IT] is  a center of diversified activities: shelter for pregnant women, mothers & minors; engaged in research & training on children & families. It manages activities of the National Center of Documentation & Analysis on Childhood & Adolescence & the secretariat of the EU Network of National Observatories on Childhood
  • Social Work Dpt. BBU [RO] researches violence against children & women. Due to its invlovement in research, it was evaluated as the best in Romania


  • Professionals in each participating country (“National CAN-MDS Core Groups”)